OCILB Updates

The Department of Commerce, acting under the direction of Governor Kasich, has altered OCILB continuing education requirements.  Beginning January 1, 2016 the H.B. 486 will allow contractors to choose whether to fulfill their education requirements over one year or three years, and allows contractors in good standing to take 8 hours per year of education instead of the 10 hours currently needed.  The cost will remain fixed at $60 per year regardless of the time frame selected.

The stated purpose of H.B. 486 is  “to recognize and reward licensees who are compliant business, while not easing or reducing the standards that these business must comply with.” While this legislation is well intentioned, the Greater Cleveland Chapter encourages all members to continue their continuing education as though the requirements remained the same.

On January 1, 2016 when you fill out your license renewals, please remember to check the “1 year renewal” box.   We hope that by continuing the education process on one year cycles rather than three, our members will avoid a situation where they have three years worth of classes to do as the deadline approaches, which could end in failure to have their license renewed.