Welcome to Ohio Government Affairs

In this blog we will keep everyone updated on the important legislation that the Ohio State Legislature is working on or considering.  Many laws such as prevailing wage, retention reform, residency requirements, construction procurement procedures and taxes issues can have big effects on your business.  Check back here often for future updates regarding this legislation.

Introduction to Washington, DC Government Affairs

Welcome to GCC NECA’s new website.  Here we will display information as it comes in from our Political team in Washington DC.  One example of information that our team in Washington provides scorecards for members of Congress.

In GCC’s jurisdiction the scorecards for the 2017-2018 session are;

  • Senator Portman who received a 100,
  • Senator Brown who received a 53
  • Representative Fudge (Downtown Cleveland) who received a 52
  • Representative Kaptur (Western Suburbs) who received a 62
  • Representative Joyce (Eastern Suburbs) who received a 100

Check back often for future updates.